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Hessa is a rockband from the Netherlands, and we perform a wet, hot, loud and a bit of sexy rock music. 

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A little story how it started: 

After years and years it was by accident that we met again, somewhere in the streets of Rotterdam. After some drinks at a local bar, we decided to start the band again. Everybody was excited and filled with a lot of energy and creativity for a next round of rock and roll. We named the band Hessa. It was a new beginning and it felt like coming home.


Cover EP

It feels like pure magic again. It pounds, it growls, the rhythm section is solid as a rock. And really important we create a kick-ass sound which is really good.

Hessa just finished working on there first EP with 5 catchy songs on it. We recorded the songs at Michels studio in Brielle, the Netherlands. It is mixed and mastered and produced by our good friend Cani M. Ceaser from Barcelona.


Some press reviews:




So let the music speak for itself.

Need our Rider? Here it is : Dutch / English

This is the place for our Dutch biography.

You can also download our full presskit.zip

Questions? presskit? business deal? otherwise? Mail to: info@hessa.nl

For bookings mail to: bookings@hessa.nl



Past gig's:

Doe het zelf festival.


Saturday 3 Oktober

Grauwe Hengst, Lange Haven 28, Schiedam.

Lineup: Hessa and One eyed wizard.




28 August @ Another feel of music. A 3 day  festival @ Fort Prins Frederick.

Open air 2015

Sat 29 August @ De Hut. Industrieweg, Cappelle aan den Ijssel.

Line up: Dodo with cash, Hessa, A view for a day, Die Mannshaft.

We play at 17:00.


Sunday 5 July 2015.  Kaags muziekfestival.  Entrance is free. The music  start at  14:00 our. We play at 17:45 



Saturday 30 May @ Muzikantencentrum Dynamo. 
Hessa,  Machine Valley, 9 Lives. 

Entrance for Free. Door open at 19:00 our. Firsth band start at 20:30.


Open podium

16 Mei 2015 @ eight O,clock http://fortprinsfrederik.nl/


Poster t Blok

Hessa on the radio

19 December 2014. Hessa on Radio WOS between 20:00 and 22:00. Program Stage.

Host: Kees Visser.

Website Radio WOS: http://www.wos.nl/

Stream: http://stream.wos.nl:8000/wos876.m3u

Flyer de hut

Quartel rock

28 March 2014. Hessa on Radio WOS between 20:00 and 22:00. Program Stage. Host. Kees Visser.

You can also listen on the Web: http://www.wos.nl/

8 Maart 2014. Hessa on barbiepop. @ the Little Cave. Nieuwemeer 101, 3068 KJ Rotterdam.

Barbiepop poster

20 Februari. Hessa on Radio Midland FM between 20:00 and 23:00 our. Our Host: Gerard . Listen on 104.9, 105.6, 106.30 FM

You can also listen on the Web: http://www.midlandfm.nl/

Poster in de vissenkom

28 Oktober 2013. A akoustic session on RTV Amstelveen. Between 11:00 and 12:00. On the program Ochtendhumeur. http://www.rtvamstelveen.nl/Radio

4 Juli 2013. Hessa on Radio Midland FM between 20:00 and 23:00 our. Our Host: Gerard . Listen on 104.9, 105.6, 106.30 FM

You can also listen on the Web: http://www.midlandfm.nl/

12 April 2013. Between 22 en 23:00 our. On Radio Rijnmond in the program: Live uit Lloyd. You can listen to the show on:


12 April. Hessa On Radio Hoekse waard. At the program TNT. Host are: Aart, Jacques and Jan.


1 Maart 2013. Mr Man on 22:00. Hessa on 23:00 @ Haags pop centrum. Burgemeester Hovylaan 12. 2552 AW The Haque.


5 Februari 2013 @ Musicon, The Hague a 20 minutes show.


2 November 2012 @ Paardcafe, The Hague.


4 August 2012 @ Wallenpop, Hellevoetsluis.

Poster Wallenpop


13 July 2012 @ Radio WOS. 20.00 our Host: Kees Visser.


26 May 2012 @ Baroeg Rotterdam. Line up: Highway chile, Rob Orlemans, Hessa, Motorblok. Door open at 18.00

Poster Note on the road


30 April 2012 Queensday Festival. @ OJC de Trucker.

Poster De Trucker


18 February 2012 @ OJC de Trucker. Stationsstraat 34, Pijnacker. Doors open at 21.00 our.


10 January 2012. Between 20.00 en 22.00 our. Live set at Radio Benelux.


10 December 2011 @ Lokaal Vredenbreuk, The Hague.


24 November 2011 @ The Exit Rotterdam.

8th October 2011. Mr. Man & Hessa
At the Grauwe Hengst, Lange Haven 28 Schiedam.
entrance: FREE


25 August 2011. Radio @ The heaven off Rock 'n Roll. Smart FM Spijkenisse.

2 July 2011 @ The Paap. The Hague.


17 July 2011 @ Muziek Lokaal Vredebreuk. The Hague.

Local Rock

( gewonnen de 1e prijs Lokal Rock )


10 June 2011 Muziek Lokaal Vredebreuk. The Hague.


27 May 2011 @ Radio WOS. Host: Kees Visser.


9 April 2011 @Baroeg Rotterdam

Poster Baroeg 9 april 2011


26 March 2011 @ The Gonz, Gouda


25 March 2011 @ Haags pop Centrum The Hague.



20 January 2011 @ Exit Rotterdam.

18 June 2010 @ Larenkamp Rotterdam


17 June 2010 @ Paard The Hague.


22 May 2010, @ Little Cave Rotterdam.


30 April 2010 @ Amelandse plein Rotterdam


17 April 2010 @ Musicon The Hague.


10 Januari 2010 @ Baroeg Rotterdam.

Poster. Note on the road